0.96 - Batch convert tool : preview buggy with ICC convert

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0.96 - Batch convert tool : preview buggy with ICC convert

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Before everything, thank you for XnViewMP , wich is a great tool !!
My first post here, I hope it is not a duplicate !

Bug description :

XnView: MP 0.96 - 64 bit
Windows 8.1 64bit

Effect : Images preview "before" and "after" doesn't display what they should in Batch convert tool > "ICC convert" if "ignore embedded profile" is checked.

For the Images preview, the embedded profile is NOT ignored. Please note that, nevertheless, batch convert tool does the job as expected : embedded profile is ignored as wanted.

To reproduce:

Preliminary steps : Bug is much more easy to see with an image whose colors are in WhackedRGB space color. One can be downloaded here (zip file) : http://www.gballard.net/photoshop/pdi_d ... #downloads. The image name is "PDI_Target_WhackedRGB.jpg". If embedded profile is ignored the image will display very wrong colors (strong blue-purple cast), otherwise colors are natural.

1. XnviewMP Settings > General > ICC > "use ICC..." checked
2. Select an image (here : PDI_Target_WhackedRGB.jpg) : image shows natural colors
3. Tools > Batch Convert > action > ICC convert... :
Input profile : empty
Output profile : empty
Ignore embedded profile : checked

Actual behaviour (bug): preview images doesn't show strong cast : embedded profile not ignored .

Expected behaviour: preview images should ignore embedded profile : strong cast should be visible (as it is on converted image once the batch conversion is done).

Thank you for listening
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