Pan tool doesn't appear when enabled and the view rectangle is broken

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Pan tool doesn't appear when enabled and the view rectangle is broken

Post by Anibina » Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:57 am

XnView: 0.96.5 64bits (Aug 17 2020)
OS: Windows 2004 64bit

When zoomed in on an image and the pan tool is enabled,
then the pan tool doesn't appear until the image is moved or zoomed.

If the image is moved, then the red/white pan tool rectangle doesn't show the correct visible area.

The Pan tool doesn't appear right away or work correctly.

To reproduce:
1. Zoom in on an image so that part of the image is outside the XnViewMP window.
2. If the pan tool is enabled, disable it:
Tools > Settings > View > Show Pan tool
Click OK to confirm and close the Settings window.
3. Enable the pan tool.

Actual behaviour (bug :bug:):
The pan tool didn't appear.

Moving the image.
In this case the:
Tools > Settings > Interface > Mouse > Mouse Right button
is set to "Move picture" (I don't remember if it is the default behavior).

Now the pan tool appeares, but the red/white rectangle (that shows the visible part of the image) has an incorrect size.

If the red/white rectangle isn't visible in the pan tool, then keep moving the image towards the top left corner and it will appear.

Mouse dragging on the red/white rectangle in the pan tool, moves the image to the top left corner and the red/white rectangle fills the pan tool, then the red/white rectangle can't be dragged in the pan tool anymore.

Moving the image moves the red/white rectangle, and dragging it results in the same thing as described above.

Zooming the image in or out corrects the red/white rectangle size, and it can be dragged around in the pan tool as expected.

Screen recording:

2020-09-16_12-39-13.gif (663.22 KiB) Viewed 32 times

Expected behaviour:
The pan tool should appear as soon as it's enabled.
And the red/white rectangle should show the correct visible part of the image.

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