[Solved]settings keyboard shortcut for "rotate" not saved

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[Solved]settings keyboard shortcut for "rotate" not saved

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edit : Both are not bugs ,i post how to solve the problem here
1 : change "save session on program exit to "always" or "ask" - to save the settings
2 : lossless transformation only works with jpeg ,more detail here:
bug#1 : keyboard shortcut settings not saved
How to reproduce
i open xnviewmp.exe
tool => settings=> interface => shortcut (view mode)
i change rotate clockwise to "[" key
then click ok to save settings and close xnviewmp
when i reopen xnviewmp , the settings not saved, it still remain ctrl+shift+r
the same with rotate counter clockwise

bug#2 : keyboard shortcut for "rotate" not work
the settings of rotate is ctrl+shift+r
when i press that hotkey, the image not rotate
however, the "rotate" button on toolbar still works

im using windows 10 64 bits 1909 , xnview mp latest version 0.97.1
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