Crazy print margins with 0.97.1 (64 Windows 10)

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Crazy print margins with 0.97.1 (64 Windows 10)

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XnView MP (64) does not behave at all well when trying to print. It keeps resetting the margins ever larger whether they are entered via the Print dialog OR the page setup. I'm simply trying to print some photos to 4x6 photo paper. My HP OfficeJet supports borderless and regular margins. What happens is that XnView starts with the non-borderless margins (even though borderless is turned on in the driver). Then if I change those margins to 0 on the page setup dialog, they get changed to .75" the first time around, then 1.9" the second time visiting the page setup dialog. This can continue to where the margins eventually self-adjust to 4.9" and there is no changing XnView from this. In addition, if you change the margins from the main print dialog, they don't change the preview image one bit.

Of course NONE of these margins are remotely proper for a 4x6 print yet XnView is magically force changing them. So, I have to use IrfanView to actually print something. Below are two screenshots of this behavior.
xnviewmp_u6a1NP6t79.png (13.92 KiB) Viewed 455 times
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Re: Crazy print margins with 0.97.1 (64 Windows 10)

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do you have this problem with 0.96.5 too?
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