Startup time on Win10 is horrible !!!

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Startup time on Win10 is horrible !!!

Post by 2blackbar »

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
When i click on image then it displays it but I CANT DO ANYTHING FOR LIKE 10 SECONDS !!!! THIS IS HORRIBLY BAD!!!
What the hell is happening ? is my gtx 1080ti not enough to display a damn 512x512 jpeg!?!?!?
What the hell did you do mr dev that it stalls so muych, i guess its checking for damn actualisations and shit !
How about not doing that by default and add option to turn that crap on when you want it (never)
We can get new version when we go to downloads on website you know.
I was xnview fan for 15 years if not longer but this is just worst experience ive had with any software.
Dont do that please, anyone knows of a version that does not do that ?
Im on newest one.
The thing witn mp is that i want curves that are not accesible as fast on regular xnview, but i think im now forced to go back to regular xnview.
Yes i know that you dont owe me shit, but at least dont make the software so damn irritating and laggy suddenly.Thats all i ask.

Ok i redownloaded new version again, it looks like this might be fixed but if it comes back, ill be back.Still id want to know what the hell was that , what caused this lag.
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Re: xnviewMP startup time on win10 is horrible !!!

Post by xnview »

if you start XnView directly, no lag?
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Re: xnviewMP startup time on win10 is horrible !!!

Post by winnylinny »

Please save this post, print it, and insert it inside a decorative photo frame to hang in your living room wall. :mrgreen:

This was the funniest post I've read in a long time. I almost want to think it's an intentional gag or prank, since it's just so ridiculous and emotive.

It's so fascinating. Why did they choose to use ten "angry devil" emojis, instead of just nine or perhaps eleven? The world may never find the answer to this great mystery...
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Re: Startup time on Win10 is horrible !!!

Post by helmut »

Thank your for your horrible bug report, 2blackbar. ;) Honestly, while it's o.k. to report things that don't work properly it's not o.k. to use bad language; see Rules and Guidelines. So please calm down and reports facts - not your bad feelings and bad mood.

Is this horrible startup time only when starting the very first time or whenever you open an image? Do you use version 1.00, the latest version of XnView MP? Did you experience this problem with previous versions of XnView MP?

For a longer time I didn't care much about XnView MP but now I do, again. In fact, I experience also a pretty slow program start when starting for the very first time. It's ~10 seconds till XnView browser opens up on a Win10 notebook with "normal" hardware (SSD, 16GB RAM, and an Intel 5-6200U processor). Second time I start XnView MP it opens up immediately. From what I understand the problem is the QT toolkit which needs quite some time for loading and initializing. But I wonder whether this is really the one and only problem; e.g. network timeouts when checking devices or internet access for checking update might also slow down start up time.
Perhaps a debug version of XnView MP which traces the various initializations steps might help to track down problems. Pierre, could you perhaps build such a version and provide it to those people experience a (really) slow startup time?
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Re: Startup time on Win10 is horrible !!!

Post by FKCapitalism »

This reminds me of my report regarding opening 200MB+ files.