1.4.4 - browser - thumbnail - size slider issues

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1.4.4 - browser - thumbnail - size slider issues

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XnViewMP 1.4.4 64bit
Windows11 (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

Browser - thumbnail size slider
slider has 32-1000px range, with 5, 6, 10.. steps (when resize manually via slider control)
- which side does slider represent, shortest/longest?
- what are slider steps based on?

issue A
To reproduce:
1. run clean portable XnViewMP in browser mode
2. set thumbnail size via slider manually (move all the way to the left)
slider value will be 32
however, thumbnail size will be set to 94x87

at least one side of thumbnail shall be 32px

issue B
slider/menu sync issue
2. set thumbnail size (manually or via menu) to any big value (for better bug visualization), eg 384x288px
3. press F12 to open Settings
4. goto Browser > Thumbnails > Appearance
- set 'Custom thumbnail size' to 32x32
- press OK
thumbnails will shrink, but slider's position will not change until restart

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