1.7.2 - Import and Sort Date Bug

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1.7.2 - Import and Sort Date Bug

Post by TimBoucher »

1.7.2. 64-bit (MacOSX) = libformat 7.180

OS: Mac

There seems to be a new bug in the Import and Sort function - to Subfolder [Y-m-d}.

Perviously, when importing to a subfloder [Y-m-d] - when importing date 2024-6-01 (all days 1-9), it would create folders with 2024-06-01 (double digit day), now it creates the folder 2024-06-1 (single digit day- or 2 instead of 02, etc). This creates a problem when sorting the folder in other programs, as dates are now mixed up, instead of in order. I now get the sort: 2024-06-1, 2024-06-10, 2024-06-11... instead of 2024-06-01, 2024-06-02...

Effect: I have to manually rename all 1-9 days as 01-09 - (which it was XnView doing before), to get correct sorting of folders.

To reproduce:
Import photos using Subfolder [Y-m-d] for days 1-9.

Please allow the "0" to be inserted in single digit days. Thank you.
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Re: 1.7.2 - Import and Sort Date Bug

Post by xnview »

:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce the problem.