XnView MP 0.97.0

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XnView MP 0.97.0

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Please, don't post bugs or request in this topic!

You can download XnView MP 0.97.0 here:

Windows x32 ZIP version SHA256: B7D0E76252B6409CC6B09AA9B2316740B12502F806B610BD52EF8F2A05F70733
Windows x32 SETUP version SHA256: CAB5AC50DD5D7D0D4F19F014CC18A8FB2440D2747BC092812D80BBA0FCBC8BC4
Windows x64 ZIP version SHA256: 0C981220485AAB14B4212BD446D7498CB2672B72E9742DC948DB7ED7383FC071
Windows x64 SETUP version SHA256: 1C0FC083B35AC3E1A3C7B4BB5B23D9C56823509E3C161DEA5A38947B4A622AF0

For Windows 7 and older, you have to install the driver from DirectX to run correctly QtAV (audio/video)

Mac x64 DMG version SHA256: FC5AB1524C028916AA93FE6AE659582A3B951D350B808536DE5D5AF417A35E8C

Linux TGZ version: http://download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-linux.tgz
Linux DEB version: http://download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-linux.deb
Linux x64 TGZ version SHA256: FD59DCCE36ECDE9442C4F42A97DFF23AA33C1126FD37A9C142C7EDCCEB668E0D
Linux x64 DEB version SHA256: 446B26269E3DA37AA2870B562967D1B8668DF72E4DAAC170716681028CB9AE3A

ARM version: http://download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-linux-arm.tgz http://download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-lin ... _armhf.deb

Linux x64 AppImages version: http://download.xnview.com/XnView_MP.gl ... 4.AppImage
Linux Flatpak version: https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.xnview.XnViewMP

Changelog 0.97.0:

1844: [New] Qt 5.15.0
1850: [New] IPTC: custom filename for template
1849: [New] MacOS: Internal video codec
1848: [New] Start in browser mode - viewtopic.php?f=82&t=40843
1847: [Bug] Offset repeat - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40856
1846: [Bug] BLP - viewtopic.php?f=82&t=40862
1845: [New] JPEG XL
1842: [New] HEIF
1840: [Bug] 'select all' & focus - viewtopic.php?f=62&t=40834
1839: [New] LIBPNG 1.6.37
1838: [New] VS 2019 build
1837: [New] SQLite 3.33.0
1836: [New] XMP Toolkit
1835: [New] OpenJPEG 2000
1834: [New] LCMS 2.11