XnViev bath convert on new PC or Win 7 overload and wall do

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XnViev bath convert on new PC or Win 7 overload and wall do

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I use the XnViev for batch convert for large number of images. I use it on old windows XP with 1 or 2-core CPU. In this PC is all OK, batch convert run file by file, 1 core of CPU works 100% and convert go file by file quickly.

But if I try to use batch convert on new Windows 7 and 4 or 8-cores CPU, the XnView takes all CPU cores and overloaded it to 100 %, takes large amount of memory, more than 2 GB (the images are quite small, resolution 500x500 to 1500x1500). Although all CPU cores run 100% and RAM filled up too, the conversion speed (and just in start runs slower than in old PCs with Win XP) slowed down during run and after some time of run and after some number of files the XnView fall down. I don't know why XnView overload and fall down on new PCs with win 7 and multi-core CPU but in old PC with Win XP works all OK. The same problem is with XnConvert and with InfranView too. I try to change version of XnView but the problem still Do somebody have the same problem.