Translation of On-Screen texts of XnView MP and XnConvert

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Re: Translations

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Hello. First of all, thanks for a wonderfull product that has been very usefull for many years.

Have you ever considered utilizing platforms like Crowdin, Transifex or Weblate for a much richer and more accessible translation workflow? This would allow things like glossaries, real time collaboration, suggestion voting, proofreading and string specific contextual information and comments. Plus translators wouldn't have to worry about something like version management at all. I personally like Crowdin's interface a lot but Weblate is open source and it can also be self hosted for free. All of these have support for Qt .ts files too (which is what XnView uses as far as I know).

I would also like to know how actively the Finnish translation is maintained? There seems to be hardly any information about it anywhere, in this forum or in the app itself. I would be interested in contributing but I would prefer to use some of the aforementioned platforms to do it, mainly because they make keeping trak of things so very much simpler and faster — i.e. they save time, and since I am already actively translating (and also proofreading) several projects, time is something that I don't have that much. I translate and proofread AdGuard (apps, websites), Bitwarden (apps, web vault), Proton (Mail, Calendar, Drive, Pass, VPN) and Kodi (media center) to name a few larger ones.