filtering animations

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filtering animations

Post by bdragon » Mon May 01, 2017 8:56 am

Is there any way to filter out animations?

Thank you.

long version and motivation below:

Ok, so i have a folder that has 292.330 pictures divided in 762 subfolders. This folder totals 29,3 GB.

I'd like to shrink it.

So i set up XnView MP to do the following on all these pictures:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><XnView_script version="1.0" name="st-conv">
    <Change_color_depth method="3" dither="-1" ncompo="-1" alpha="255"/>
    <Automatic_crop method="0" position="0" color="#ffffff" tolerance="90"/>
    <Automatic_crop method="0" position="1" color="#ffffff" tolerance="90"/>
    <Automatic_crop method="0" position="3" color="#ffffff" tolerance="90"/>
    <Automatic_crop method="0" position="2" color="#ffffff" tolerance="90"/>
    <Set_DPI x="150" y="150" keep="false"/>
    <Clean_metadata flags="63"/>
    <Output folder="" filename="{Filename}" case="7" format="JPEG">
        <Options overwrite="1" orgDate="true" keepMeta="false" keepICC="false" keepFolder="true" keepParentFolder="false" delOrg="true" multipage="true" allPages="true" openExplorer="false" openBrowser="false" clearItems="true"/>
        <JPEG quality="75" progressive="true" optimizeHuffman="true" rebuildThumb="false" orgQuality="true" DCTMethod="0" subSampling="0" smoothFactor="0"/>
I expect that in this way i should get back about 2 to 3 GB of space. Possibly more. There are several large JPGs and PNGs in there, though most of the files are rather small.

Where is the problem?

There are several gifs in this folder. And not all of them are animations. However, with the above settings it tires to convert animations into JPEGs even though i expressly told it to keep multipage files in the original format.

I'd like to convert the static gifs into jpgs (yes in some cases i'll probably lose space, but i expect to gain in most cases) but not the animations.

Also there might be some PNG animations too (i do not remember), but i stopped it as soon as it tried to convert and animated gif into several static JPGs and prompting me for action each single time.

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