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HEIC for XnConvert...

Post by rbarker65536 »

Wish List request.

Please add HEIC support to XnConvert for MacOS.

The use case for me is with iPhone 7,8,X,XR,XS and iPads with iOS 11 and iOS 12—as they store images in HEIF format with HEIC file extension. (Besides the space savings, it enables Apple to include depth mapping data, multiple images, and other data in one HEIC file.)

On MacOS—when images are copied from iPhone to MacOS, the HEIC files are flattened and converted on the fly to JPG. This conversion is seamless, but much slower.

However, if I copy images from iPhone in the original HEIC format, it copies much faster, and the files consume much less space on my computer and my cloud storage.

When I need my HEIC files in JPG format, I could use built-in MacOS tools, PhotoShop, even GIMP to convert HEIC to JPG, but they are not ideal for batch jobs.

When needed, I would very much like to batch convert groups of HEIC files to JPG using XnConvert--because I like the built-in Actions, such as Automatic Levels, I can modify the filename to include EXIF Creation Date, and I can keep the Original Date/Time.

Even just HEIC read-only support would be welcome.

Thank you,
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Re: HEIC for XnConvert...

Post by seanp2k »

viewtopic.php?t=36661 worked for me to load HEIC from my iPhone and output to PNG. Unzip into the XnConvert Plugins directory. I unzipped it into both C:\Program Files\XnConvert\plugins and C:\Program Files\XnConvert\plugins\imageformats , then restarted XnConvert, and it worked fine.
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