Moving through files in the Preview pane

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Moving through files in the Preview pane

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I have XnConvert Ver. 1.77 Win x64 running under Win 10.

Is it possible move quickly from one file to another file in the Preview pane? The only way I can see to do this is to move sequentially by keeping on clicking the right or left file arrows.

The reason I ask is that every now and then I try to reduce the size of my bookshelves by scanning in a paperback as jpeg files, bulk editing in XnConvert, and then producing a PDF file. After bulk cropping there always seems to be at least one page that has been cropped too much. Obviously I can output the files, look at them in Explorer, and then correct any problem files individually. However it would be useful to skip among the files showing in the preview pane. Moving from the last to first page in a 400 page book by clicking the keyboard 400 times is really not an attractive prospect!
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Re: Moving through files in the Preview pane

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so something like a thumbnail view to choose the file?
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