Suggests: Ignore one dimension and specify one, or repeat axis input types, or set canvas ratio

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Suggests: Ignore one dimension and specify one, or repeat axis input types, or set canvas ratio

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Feature suggestions
Currently i updated to v1.99

In a use case similar with the aspect ratio pad action to enlarge the picture frame ;
i want to reframe (canvas_resize) but specify a size in one axis and assume the other axis of the picture is not changed.
But it may apply to other action types such as resize or crop by width and height.
In another use case further below, i evoke providing an aspect ratio, which also involves choosing an axis in addition.

(As comparison, the crop action is not always suitable as-is because cropping cannot increase a dimension and the width-height mode does not support an unspecified dimension either. Cropping the sides with zero can keep one dimension unchanged but it is not always the wanted expression.)

Some lazy idea of checkboxes or dropbox choices
Disabling one dimension input could use a checkbox next to each dimension. But i also suggest some other ways with more side interests below.

Then with reframe (canvas_resize) action in particular, but it may apply to other action types such as resize or crop by width and height ;
Ignoring an axis could be triggered with a zero in the size field in absolute inputs. I imagine it is easier than adding checkboxes.
Currently a zero is an invalid input and it silently prevents actions such as reframing/resizing/ cropping-width-height, from operating at all.

Another possible approach with input modes ; but it may require more changes to the form ;
Currently making a size input non-effect is possible with relative mode (when it is zero pixel for instance), but currently the relative mode applies to both size fields ; therefore it is unpractical in my case.
The percent unit (with 0% relative or 100% normal), could achieve it too but this too applies to both fields.

If the unit and relative mode could be set on each size field independently, it could achieve both my use case and any other mixed style of input.
Therefore i suggest to duplicate the Relative checkbox and the Units dropbox and split them for each dimension - width and height.

See attached image "xnc-suggest-mixed-input.png" for example of splitting the modes in the form to mix different settings.
By modifying the form this way for relevant actions such as resizing or reframing, it may allow more unpredicted use cases later.

Another use case ; reframing but based on aspect ratio ;
So including the reducing size case (unlike aspect pad action currently) ;
In practice giving an aspect ratio and telling which axis to update/keep is closely related with the above suggestions.
I suggest an aspect ratio mode in the reframe (canvas_resize) action.
A mode listed in the dropbox along with Normal, Square long, Square short.
The size fields may act and as numerator and denominator, or a decimal number.
Maybe aforementioned ways to select the axis, or choose it with the dropbox mode

It relates to my other topic about "Aspect pad action could use a pair of integers instead of a rounded decimal ratio" as for why a ratio with two fields may be more convenient and accurate than a decimal number.
Also it reuses the layout of the Height and Width so maybe in a wild guess it might help.

I imagine this second suggestion of use case, to provide a ratio to the reframe (canvas_resize), could become redundant with the aspect ratio pad action if this aspect action was someday updated to be usable in more similar cases to reframe such as reducing the size.
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