RAW file conversion to DNG

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RAW file conversion to DNG

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Hi there.

I've done some digging but am having trouble finding anything that addresses why converting to DNG files is not supported. I know I can use Adobe's DNG converter, but it lacks one key feature—the deletion of the RAW file after a successful conversion.

Here is some background. I have a lot of RAW images, but they are old. I need to save space. I want to convert them all to lossy DNG files for long-term storage.

I know I can convert these images in Lightroom and delete the raw pictures after a successful conversion. The problem is that I have so many raw files LR barely responds when I try to import everything into one catalog. I also know that I can convert all the files to DNG and then delete the raw files, but I don't have enough space on my drive to simultaneously have both the RAW files and the DNG files.

XnConvert would be perfect for my use case if I could convert the images to DNG. There is probably some reason why this isn't supported at this point or maybe I'm just dumb and missing something. I hoping someone can help provide some insight.

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Re: RAW file conversion to DNG

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RAW/DNG output is currently not possible