XnConvert forum page issue

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XnConvert forum page issue

Post by cday »

The XnConvert forum page currently displays download links for both XnConvert v1.99 and for v1.100, however the download link for v1.99 actually downloads the current version v1.100.1... :wink:

This is surely, for anyone intending to download the v1.99 version, an 'accident waiting to happen', so either the v1.99 version link should not be displayed, or the link should point to the Old versions download webpage.

Given the practical issues that could arise if the above situation exists more generally, maybe on all forum pages with download links:

o Only the link to the latest version should be displayed;

o To assist users requiring a earlier version, a link could be added immediately below to the Old versions webpage.

While trying to assist a poster experiencing an issue with XnConvert, I first downloaded the current ZIP version so as to be able to start from a defined base, then struggled with awful Windows 10 trying to prevent me from extracting the file, informing me that the ZIP download was empty while simultaneously displaying the number of files it contained, then after finding that a file was missing in the v1.100.1 version, repeated the very tedious process to download the 'v1.99' version, to discover when launched it was actually also v1.100.1 with the missing file. No future support for issues that require me to leave Linux... :idea: