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Forum : Links to view recent posts

Post by murthy363 »

Presently, we have only the link 'View Posts Since Last Visit'. This is NOT sufficient. For members and guests who login once a day or once a week, they may have about 10 to 100 threads and they are expected to go through all of them in ONE go. If for some reason, if they want to close (logout) and view again even after in a few minutes, they will have to login again and this time they will NOT have any 'new' posts. Then the search will be by thread-wise only, which is very inconvenient.

I wish that the link 'View Posts Since Last Visit' may be replaced / supplemented with the links 'View posts in the last 24 hrs' and may be also 'View posts since 7 days'. These links will be of utmost use for daily visitors, weekly visitors as well as casual & first time visitors.

Hope this request gets due attention at the appropriate time. Thanks for your time.
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Post by helmut »

Thank you for your request for a limitation of the "new" posts which sounds very reasonable to me. Personally I have it the other way round: Once logged in you have to browse all posts because next time you log in all posts will be marked as read regardless of whether you have actually read them or not.

The standard phpBB software provides login-based marking of posts, only. There might be a mod around which provides improved functionality, though.
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Post by XnTriq »

Hello murthy363 & helmut,

I was dealing with the same problem. Sometimes I have to leave when I'm right in the middle of sifting through the new messages.
My solution may not be very elegant, but at least it's efficient: Right after logging in I go to “View posts since last visit” and save the page to the desktop.