XnView on CD (in USA)

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XnView on CD (in USA)

Post by com3d »

xnview was included on a cd disk with the May 2007 issue of Computer shopper (USA)
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Post by XnTriq »

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Post by SeaMaiden »

What version of XnView was on that CD?

Will it be placed on a CD again? If so, let us know.
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Post by ikutluay »

it is on cd s in Turkey every month..

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Post by helmut »

ikutluay wrote:it is on cd s in Turkey every month..
Good to read. :-)

Here in Germany, XnView is not so often on CD: Once a year it's published as part of a software collection of the computer journal "c't", which is very good. And every now and then you can find XnView in other computer journals like ComputerBILD or PC Professional, for example. Unfortunately that happens not as often as one would expect. :-|

@ikutluay: Greetings from the German translator to the Turkish translator!