New forum software (phpBB 3.0)

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Re: New forum software (phpBB 3.0)

Post by Drahken »

Ah, the old skin (subsilver) looks much better.

The redrawing thing is usually a result of the browser drawing the page before it's fully downloaded. This can be caused by an option being set too fast in the browser, or by the page being too slow to load. If you go to about:config in FF, or edit the prefs.js file (or user.js) and change the setting for nglayout.initialpaint.delay to a higher number it'll probably stop that behavior.
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Re: New forum software (phpBB 3.0)

Post by JohnFredC »


Thanks for the tip! My redraw problem has recently vanished, though.

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Re: New forum software (phpBB 3.0)

Post by Troken »

Hi, I have really avoided the new forum since the change of software. It looks terrible and completely confusing. Read some of your previous posts and with "subsilver" it is good again. Can it become default for new users?