Self introduction

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Self introduction

Post by alexb »

As I see, there's no specific board for self-introduction of new members, but I appreciate self introduction of new members into the forums where I'm am admin, so here I am.

I'm not a programmer, but I like programming a bit from some decades (my first experiences were in 1975-76...) . Presently I appreciate a lot python, even if I use it at a very low level. I'm working into wiki projects, mainly into wikisource, where some batch conversion on pdf, tiff, jpg and djvu files is needed. Nconvert can solve many issues, as I see from a test, successful multipage tiff->jpeg->djvu conversion I tried as soon as I downloaded Nconvert after some furious browsing of this forum. :wink:

Help into Nconvert is a little hard to understand, but I hope that merging it with forum's content will solve most of troubles. Thanks for your work and for this forum.
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Re: Self introduction

Post by JohnFredC »

I like your approach Alex. Welcome to the forum and please contribute!