SPAM attack and notifications

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SPAM attack and notifications

Post by DOS386 » ... le&u=16007 <- just now "total posts 27"

I'm frequently getting notifications on "answers" ... but when looking in here there is no new answer on affected (old) threads. Since this problem probably affects other forums too, isn't there a solution out ?

- Limit amount of posts for new users (2 posts within 24 hours, extend if a "trusted" user answers ?) needs "don't answer to spam posts" policy
- Limit amount of links for new users (2 links on 1 post, no link in the Sigi ?)
- Give "trusted" users a "This is a spammer button" on new users, if 3 users confirm, temporarily block the account until an Admin decides finally

- Generate notification on post or thread deletion or moving too
- Delayed notification after 24 hours, only if post survives this time ?

oops, wrong subforum :-(
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Re: SPAM attack and notifications

Post by lian »

As you can see, spammers have some kind of humour :-)
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