Some technical hints about this forum

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Some technical hints about this forum

Post by soeren »

Hello everybody,

this forum runs with the very excellent phpbb-Software ( We've installed some additions to make it more comfortable to YOU, the reader. This includes currently:
  • Additional Language support: German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian
  • Automatic language detection for guests. Depending from your browser settings one of the above language sets is selected. Please note that this applies only for not logged in users as logged in users can set their language independet from this feature. You might want to check the language setting of your browser to change this behaviour.
  • Some more stuff to come the next weeks..
If you have any technical problems with the board, the extensions or like to see some nifty features, please drop me a mail via the board message system.

Thank you,
Soeren Gerlach
(Board admin and site maintainer)
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Post by Steve83 »

Looks like this could be the problem behind that recent bug, huh?