Small issues; Join-Images feature

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Small issues; Join-Images feature

Post by quapurna » Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:00 am

Windows 10 32bit.

Pierre, Thank you for providing the feature Join-Images on XnViewMP.

1. After joining some images and the result is displayed in view mode; if you go to browse mode, there is no confirmation dialog whether or not the joined image to be saved. XnView classic pops-up the confirmation.

2. When you save the joined-image (for the first time), xnviewmp saves it in the last folder you used.
Can xnviewmp save it in the folder of the original-images.
NB: I do not know whether or not Join-Images can join some images from different folders. If it can, then this specific request is not valid.

3. You edit the joined-image and save it again. Xnviewmp pop-ups a save dialog as if it was the first time saving or "saving as".


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