XP SP2 compatibility

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XP SP2 compatibility

Post by Erekle »

Tell me, please - last version of MP, compatible with XP SP2.
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Re: XP SP2 compatibility

Post by Mixer »

Experimenting with virtual machine and Windows XP Home SP2 32bit I got following results:
  • XnViewMP 0.76.1 (based on Qt5, compiled in VC12) fails to start
    XnViewMP 0.26 (based on Qt4, compiled in VC8) starts
So I tried last based on Qt4 version of XnViewMP which is 0.72 and it started.

But if you mean Windows XP SP2 x64, which is based on Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, then SP2 is the latest Service Pack available and I think it provides all features needed to run latest XnViewMP 0.76.1.
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