Feature request: "Metadata" toolbar item in "Viewer" mode

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Feature request: "Metadata" toolbar item in "Viewer" mode

Post by lorenzo »

It is quite beyond me why you can have "Metadata" and/or "Edit IPTC" in the "Browser" toolbar but not in the "Viewer" one. "CTRL+I" won't do; it only edits the image selected in the browser beneath. If you scroll through the images in a folder with your mouse in "Viewer" mode, "CTRL+I" will still show the image originally selected in the browser. I'd like to be able to open downloaded pictures in the viewer and insert captions, without bothering with the browser which is rather cumbersome to use. In other words, it would be nice if the Browser and the Viewer were rather independent from each other, without needing to switch over for this simple chore. Thanks.