Does XnView fulfill my defined needs

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Does XnView fulfill my defined needs

Postby Ingimundur » Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:22 pm

Here is a definition of my needs and I consider my self to be an ordinary user. The question is, can XnView do this all ?

1) I want to store my photos on my own external drive (like Qnap or other) not on a cloud and not only on my personal computer
2) I need to access my photos from two different computers (one at a time) for organising and viewing
3) All changing of Rating and Tags * done from one computer must be accessible from another one.
4) Photo's metadata must be saved to the photo file it self so that all my work of organising photos is kept in the photo files but not within a particular program like XnView
5) I want to be able to filter all my photos by 2,3 or multiple Tags* at the same time. An example: If I use 4 following tags* "My son" "Sport" "Travelling" "Winter" I want to be able to find photos with different combination of these tags like...
Photos including both "My son" and "Sport" (not all photos with just "My son" and all photos with just "Sport")
Photos including both "My son" and "Travelling"
Photos including both "Sport" and "Travelling"
Photos including both "Sport" and "Winter"

* (or categories or keywords or Tagwords or what ever word you want to use for the way which is used to gather similar photos together).


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Re: Does XnView fulfill my defined needs

Postby m.Th. » Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:05 pm

Welcome among us! :)

Yes, XnView MP can do all these with ease.

1,2,3) Just be sure to set up that the catalog will be on your shared drive and both instances from the two different computers will point to the same catalog.
4) Yes - I think that this is enabled by default. If not, see Tools|Settings|Metadata - all the checkboxes with „Export...”. RCK are saved in the file itself (if the format supports) - if not they are saved in an XMP sidecar. This is the industry standard and all the DAMs work in this way.
5) Sure, use Category Filter and Ctrl+Click on the desired Categories (this is how tags are named in XnView MP).
m. Th.

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