Controlling Navigation & Toolbars

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merry widow
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Controlling Navigation & Toolbars

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I'm attaching someone's screenshot for . . . oh wow! it's the Browser for XnView 1.68.1! Ironically it demonstrates a feature that I hope MP might allow for: an open path bar where I can parole my long-suffering mouse and rocket around on my keyboard with an assist from cut/paste. I have 21 drive partitions on the particular computer in question and prize a plain, easy-to-read path string — however obscenely long it might be — in a toolbar that has its own dedicated row. Yes tabs are fantastic. I still want the path bar (probably related to my genetic predisposition for flip cellphones). :mrgreen:

I've hilighted the bar in the screenshot I'm uploading. If (MP v. 0.84 x32) can do this now, please show me how? Thanks.
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Erixx haxx
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Re: Controlling Navigation & Toolbars

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Don't forget you have favorites..I use them for a jumping point.

Address bar is in the Mini-bar above the file list. You can span this two ways.
-Put most panels below the file list
-View>> Layout>> Free, Move everything to the bottom of file list.

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