Using XnViewMP on Multiple Computers at the same time?

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Using XnViewMP on Multiple Computers at the same time?

Postby mshabooboo » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:16 pm

Hey all -

We're looking into using XnViewMP at my workplace as a way of categorizing and tagging pictures and video.

Currently, the way I have it set up is that my categories.db file lives in a networked location that all machines can access. When installing XnView MP, I'm pointing the program to this location to view and update the categories.db file.

Can someone tell me:
[*]Is categories.db designed to be usable/writeable by multiple users across multiple platforms?
[*]Has anyone else tried this in their organization?
[*]Any issues I may run into doing this?
[*]Do you know when categories.db performs write locks? When new categories are created? Saved? Applied?

I've already successfully tested this setup with two Windows users on the same database file, but we're worried about file locking and simultaneous writes.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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Re: Using XnViewMP on Multiple Computers at the same time?

Postby m.Th. » Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:02 am

Hi mshabooboo!

Welcome among us!

Yes, you can use the program in a LAN environment with few (10-20) users . Because SQLite (XnView's DB backend) isn't a full-fledged multi-user DB you can have scalability problems if the users are many and do intense work (select many files and continuously batch apply the categories).

The categories are created when the user closes the New Category dialog.
The categories are applied when the user changes the selection (leaves the current photo).

Each such change results in a write lock on DB but because these writes are very-very-very fast (few bytes only!) and these are usually saved in server's (the computer which hosts the DB) cache the wait state for the concurrent user is almost inexistent.

The biggest issue on day-by-day work is the problem of refreshing on cached datasets.

Because XnView caches the Category Tree, the new categories added on Workstation 2 won't be „seen” on Workstation 1. It needs a program restart for this. If you use a mature tree of categories and/or split the work on sub-brances it is pretty ok. Like in any teamwork it needs coordination.

With Category Sets you have the same problem with above, however it is much mitigated because the Sets are much fewer and tend to be a personal choice of each user.

In any case, I would recommend a test-drive period of few days in order to see and tune-up the things for you.

Of course, a fast LAN (1Gb) and storage (SSD) is needed.
m. Th.

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