Linux Print-problem and solution

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Linux Print-problem and solution

Postby norand » Wed May 10, 2017 8:53 am

Weeks again I wondered why suddenly xnviewmp prints and generated pdf in black and white only and reported it in this forum as an error.

Now I found the solution: _some_ programs generates a lpoptions-File. This file, if exist, overrides _all_ printjob-settings which not set all properties itself. One time I use a program to print something in grayscale, which then generates the hidden file lpoptions. From then, every output of xnview prints grayscale only. Even though the cups-web-interface _not_ shows this setting.

The local lpoptions-file ist a hidden file in the home-directory of the user (~/.cups/lpoptions), and the global pendant is /etc/lpoptions. A user can set and query lpoptions manually with the cups-command of the same name "lpoptions". After deleting the local lpoptions file, xnview will print normally with standard settings of the printer, i.e. with color.

By implication, a user can set all print-options for cups without a print-menu inside xnviewMP with the external command lpoptions, which writes it in the file ~/.cups/lpoptions. One can set papersize, color, tray and so forth, everything the printer can do. But don't forget to switch back to standard-settings or alternatively to delete the lpoptions file afterwards.

hope that helps for some printing unusualnesses with xnview.


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Re: Linux Print-problem and solution

Postby xnview » Tue May 16, 2017 2:08 pm

thanks, some users have the b&w print problem

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