0.86: Category view switches to Folder view

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0.86: Category view switches to Folder view

Post by wartisoc »

XnView: MP 0.86 - 64 bit
OS: Linux - 64bit

Not sure if this is a bug so I'm posting it here as per the "If you aren't sure that you really found a bug, please post in "MP - General Support"".

On Linux, if I go to the Categories filter and select a category, XnView displays all images belonging to that category. So far, so good.
Opening an image from the list works as expected and even using the 'Previous file/Next file' buttons cycles through the files in the category. However, closing the image view will take the browser tab to the folder containing the file instead of remaining in the category listing.

Effect: Browser tab goes from Category listing to Folder listing after closing an image from category.

To reproduce:
1. Go to Categories Filter and select a category.
2. Open an image.
3. Close image.
Actual behaviour (bug): Browser tab goes to the folder containing the image.

Expected behaviour: Browser tab remains in the category listing.
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Re: 0.86: Category view switches to Folder view

Post by xnview »

ok, not really a bug, currently the source folder is always used
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