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Rating Raw Files

Post by guzelmarmara »


I started to use XNView after ditching my long-term darling Irfanview since I started to use Linux Mint and Win10 at the same time. I use XN to get rid of unwanted shots and also to mark/rate the good ones.

But eventually, I import them into Lightroom and I need a mechanism similar to LR's 'Pick' function. I rate the files as 'Excellent 5' to be used later on, but unfortunately this rating cannot be recognized by Lightroom. I guess XN doesn't process raw files with the rating, this is why.

How I can allow XNView to rate my raw files? Is there any other way to do this?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Rating Raw Files

Post by PP0815 »

I don't have LR so I don't know how LR handles XMP sidecar files but there is an option in the XNviewMP settings that writes XMP sidecar files to your RAWs. Ratings are included in the XMP files.
(Tools -> Settings -> Metadata)

Ich hab kein Lightroom deshalb weiß ich nicht wie dort XMP files benutzt werden aber in XNviewMP gibt es in den Einstellungen die Option XMP files zu den RAWs zu schreiben. In den XMP files ist dann auch die Bewertung des Bildes enthalten.
(Werkzeuge -> Einstellungen -> Metadaten)
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Re: Rating Raw Files

Post by bar_foo »

guzelmarmara wrote:How I can allow XNView to rate my raw files? Is there any other way to do this?
By default, Lightroom will not check for updates to files already in its catalog, so it will not notice the change you have made via XnViewMP. To force LR to look for such changes, you can either Synchronize a folder and check Scan for metadata updates, or right-click a selection and choose Metadata > Read metadata from files. But by default and by design, LR will not pick up on these changes and will overwrite such metadata. So you're best off making such ratings in LR, but you can tell LR to look for them manually if you really want to.
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