Selective brightness

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Selective brightness

Post by Klonk » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:50 am


I'm currently considereing changing my whole photo processing workflow (away from lightroom).
After some thinking I found that most of the photos need only smaller changes. The integrated functions of the XNVieMP image editor do help already very much.

Nevertheless I wished that the brightness could be set on low to mid-tones, e.g. only darker areas are brightened etc. not only the overall brighthness. It would be great to add maybe two addtional sliders for lower and higher mid-tones. Ideal would be 5 sliders: black, lower mid tones, overall brigthness, higher mid-tones, white

Or is this (partly) done already with "Shadow/Highlight"?

Best would be to have curves. I know there is a photoshop-plugin named "Smartcurve" (obtained here:
BUT: the 64bit version crashes XnViewMP 0.87 (Don't know whether this is a bug or not; If yes please fix it.)

For the other stuff I need oftenly, I already found some photoshop plugins that work fine for me.

For more complex image editing I use Photoline.

So if anyone has an alternative to smartcurve that does not crash Photoline 64 bit I'll be happy (even an integration into XNView Image Editor would be great

Bye Klonk

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Re: Selective brightness

Post by GeorgD » Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:38 pm

Best would be to have curves
As of XnView MP 0.93.1, a curve tool exists, see menu bar > image > adjust > curves, which supports custom presets - hence, you could once define a curve that only lightens shadows and later on re-use it quickly.
In the XnView Wiki, you can improve the user guide / documentation / F1-help for XnView (classic/Windows) and for XnViewMP

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