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Convert tags into categories

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I'm using XnView to manage a LAN shared stock of photographies. I would like every user to be able to share the same categories. I know how to make those categories to turn into tags (recognizable by Windows), but I don't know how to make XnView to read back those tags and generate categories from them. Maybe there is an easier way to do that... Thanks in advance.
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Re: Convert tags into categories

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1) Delete default categories you won't use . (to delete categories, you must select at least one photo)

2) Tools, settings, metadata : check the first box (import xmp subject or iptc keywords ... to DB) , uncheck the second one, to avoid read/write simutaneous

3) Tools, settings, catalog
If all users have the same path for photos (F:\photos) you can leave the "base path of your pictures" empty.
If there are different paths, specify the correct relative value in each machine.

4) Then, use the "Add folder" button, to read metadata in photos, and build database. (recursive reading). This can take several minutes.
(Sometimes, I had to delete all folders here (Tools, settings, catalog) : "delete all" button, close xnviewmp, rename xnview.db as xnview.old, restart xnviewmp , and try again "Add folder" button)

5) When finished, uncheck "import xmp subject or iptc keywords..." option

You can copy the file xnview.db from a computer to another one.
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