adding dropped OS version in the changelog of xnview

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adding dropped OS version in the changelog of xnview

Post by Roger27 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:52 am

First, me not English so me speak kinda bad, sorry everybody. :mrgreen:

Having a family with various computer I sometimes have to work on different OS and different versions of the aforementioned OS.
Recently I was trying to get a version of XnviewMP working with MacOSX Snow Leopard (10.6). I took a look at the changlog and found no information about "support dropped for OSX version xx.xx". So basically if I want to find which version works with snow leopard, I'll be obliged to dowload n version and try every 'till I find one working with OSX 10.6...

My questions are therefore:
- What is the latest version of XnViewMP working with MacOSX Snow Leopard (10.6)?
- Could you add in the changelog when a version of an OS is no longer supported?

Thank you.

(PS: to people who would suggest me I just need to update OSX / I better go on linux/windows, thank you but:
- the computer is too old for newer version of OSX and
- the person using the computer is to old (70) to learn a full new OS and (above all) not wanting to do it since "what" she has "now works very well so why change"...
Old user of XnView since the good old time of the end of the 90ies ;-)
Sorry for my bad englitsch, me frog eater :D

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Re: adding dropped OS version in the changelog of xnview

Post by xnview » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:12 pm

Mac OS 10.6 : XnConvert 1.70 & XnView MP 0.64 (i think)
Mac OS 10.7-10.8 : XnConvert 1.73 & XnView MP 0.83
Mac OS 10.9 : XnConvert 1.74 & XnView MP 0.87
Mac OS 10.10 & + : XnConvert 1.75 & XnView MP 0.88

Windows XP & Vista: XnView MP 0.84

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