Fitting window to image

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Fitting window to image

Post by nigol » Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:21 am


I use MP on Xubuntu.

Is it possible to set the image resizing on it's opening in a windowed mode so that

a) generally, the window will fit to the size of image opened; image will be displayed 1:1
b) if the image is too large, it will be shrinked to fit maximum window size possible on given display to see whole image in maximized window
c) if the image is small, it will be displayed in 1:1 size with some margins so all the window's panels elements will be visible.

That's the way early ACDSee works (possibly, also a newer ones). Also, FastStone seems to be able to do so. Is there something like "shrink to fit screen" resize mode in MP?

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Re: Fitting window to image

Post by xnview » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:38 am

sorry but currently it's not possible

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Re: Fitting window to image

Post by zaadstra » Sat Aug 29, 2020 6:44 pm

Hi Pierre,

I am looking for the same. We are 2 years later :D
Are therre any plans to build this in?

I have been playing with all options View - Auto image size, but in fact I want this combined with auto window size. So:
- if pic is bigger than screen, resize image that image fits, and viewer window is maximum size in the direction(s) where needed
- if pic is smaller than screen, image is at 100% and viewer window is adjusted to fit around it. Screen position may be remembererd.

In fact this behaviour is what the ancient ACDSee 2.4 I was using up to recently, and this works perfectly. Now if I want to check many (different sized) images I switched back to ACDSee, and I don't want that :o The XnView file formats and tooling are far superior compared to ACDSee but ACDSee wins on simply viewing.
ACDSee calls the option 'Auto image size: Shrink to fit window/screen'.

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