paste into new files: need short new filenames (instead <clipboard-1> => <001> )

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paste into new files: need short new filenames (instead <clipboard-1> => <001> )

Post by stevenfreiburg » Thu May 30, 2019 4:18 am

I like to have short names or just numbers for every new file from the clipboard. Instead of
<clipboard-1> or in german : <Zwischenablage-1>
I want only that:
<001> or <c-1>

Is here anybody who can help me with that?

Long version:
I use copy and paste in new file many times.
And with that long TAB names <clipboard-**> my screen is soon totally full and a lot annoying scrolling in needed.

The row of my filetabs looks like that:
<clipboard-1> <clipboard-2> <clipboard-3> <clipboard-4> <clipboard-5> <clipboard-6>

I like to have a short new filename shown in the TAB if I paste into a new file.
With that I would have much more files in my overview. Like this:
<c-1> <c-2> <c-3> <c-4> <c-5> <c-6> <c-7> <c-8> <c-9> <c-10> <c-11> <c-12>
or even better:
<001> <002> <003> <004> <005> <006> <007> <008> <009> <010> <011> <012>

Unfortunatly I can not find the presets for new filenames in the language translation file for changing.
Maybe that preset names are stored in the xnview**.dll language settings, but I dont know how to change that.

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Re: paste into new files: need short new filenames (instead <clipboard-1> => <001> )

Post by xnview » Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:07 pm

do you have tried to change in xnview.ini

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