Regular expressions in thumbnail labels

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Regular expressions in thumbnail labels

Post by flatfield »

Hi everyone,

is it possible to generate customized thumbnail labels using regular expressions?

I'd like to do the following. I have videos and images in a single folder, and like to display the date/time the video or image was taken as a label. For images this works using EXIF:Date Taken, however, for videos, this is obviously empty, but alternatively, I could you use File: Creation Date for videos. As a result, only a single date/time string should be displayed which could maybe achieved using a regexp.

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Re: Regular expressions in thumbnail labels

Post by xnview »

no sorry
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Re: Regular expressions in thumbnail labels

Post by gaaned92 »

I second the request from flatfield. And
Now with the smartphones and the new cameras, we can take a lot of video. these video have to be managed in the SAME way as photos.
I use the {EXIF:Date Taken [ymd_HMS]} template in the batch rename to be able to easily sort all my photos coming either from 2 smartphones and 2 cameras.
That's not possible now for videos and it's really missing as I have to do that manually with exiftool.
For MP4 and MOV files the applicable date is located, according to exiftool in {QuickTime:CreateDate}

Presently, for MP4 and MOV video, XnViewMP presents in the info panel sparse information regarding the "file", the "video track" and the "audio track" sections.
The QuickTime section is completely missing.

So my request, completing the post I just made and that you can close is:
1- present in the info panel the {QuickTime:CreateDate}
2- to uniformly rename photos and video in the same batch rename, create a new template, for instance {Media:Createdate} which will be evaluated by XnViewMP as {EXIF:Date Taken [ymd_HMS]} for photos and {QuickTime:CreateDate} for MOV and MP4

For Video formats, WEBM or OGG I have no infos as I don't use them
For AVI, it doesn'seem there exist a create date, but it should be verified on the exiftool site