Correct wrong EXIF "Date Taken"

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Correct wrong EXIF "Date Taken"

Post by pjfayer » Sat Dec 21, 2019 4:49 pm

Scenario: Two of us take pictures at an event. When we get back to the computer, we find he didn't check his camera date/time, and they're off by some random days, hours:minutes.

When we compile our two sets of pictures, and use XNView to rename them via "Date Taken", they don't sort together properly. I've corrected such mistakes in the past by remembering (yeah, right!) to have each of us take a picture of a clock at the same time, extracting the date/time take data, and using Excel to create an exiftool script to set new calculated times, but that's laborious, error prone, and ... I'd rather not.

So I'd like to USE the current EXIF data (not replace the time with some start and increment), but CORRECT it by applying an arbitrary offset (down to the second, or at least minute).

Please, does anyone know: Can this be done with XnView ?

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Re: Correct wrong EXIF "Date Taken"

Post by michel038 » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:41 pm

Tools, change timestamp ...
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Third choice, select a "source" timestamp like EXIF:DateTaken, and add or subtract days , hours, minutes, seconds

For each selected photo, date taken is read, offset is added, and enabled fields are updated

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