Show only tagged files from current folder

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Show only tagged files from current folder

Post by NikooliX » Mon Jan 27, 2020 10:20 pm


I'm a new user of XnView MP and liking it so far. There is one issue that is troubling me however. After a day of shooting I use the program to tag (checkmark) the photos that I like, then I use the select tagged function to view only the tagged photos. In all previous programs I've used, this view only shows the tagged photos in the folder that I'm currently viewing, but XnView seems to show all tagged photos across all folders. This is an issue because I prefer to keep the tagging in place for reference if I go back to the folder later, but next time I sort out new photos the photos from the previous folder will also be included in the "show tagged" view. Is there an option to only show tagged photos from the current folder? If there isn't, it would be greatly appreciated if it was added. Thank you :D

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Re: Show only tagged files from current folder

Post by michel038 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:16 pm

the browser displays the current folder ... select the menu : View, Tag, Show tagged files

If you are using "categories filter" panel, in the "Match" menu (at the top of this panel), select "current folder" or "current folder, recusive" ), then filters will be applied on the current folder that was displayed in the browser.

You can also use stars, and configure settings so that stars are saved into xmp metadata, (i e embedded xmp for jpegs, or sidecar for raw files...)
Many years later, your xmp metadata will be still present , even if xnviewmp has disappeared...

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