Fix for Missing Thumbnails for certain file Types... like SWF.

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Fix for Missing Thumbnails for certain file Types... like SWF.

Post by leeuniverse » Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:45 pm


I used the Beta version, just installed, have the first two Sections Enabled (not Cache), and I added SWF to the file types, and I now have SWF Thumbnails in Windows Explorer and in XnView MP.

Don't know how it works, seems to not to need to run in the background (though not an expert on services, there isn't an App running however) like "SWF Live Preview" used to need to do, which doesn't work anymore in at least Windows 10, which is somewhat of a disappointment cause it also displayed Thumbnails for SWF EXE's, I think they were called "Projector" files. Though, I haven't yet tried to see if this program can try to get Thumbs out of EXE's lol.

This might work on other file types, not sure what ones and types, it seems focused on "video" files, and I haven't tested it all and don't know much of what the program does yet, so if things get messed up don't blame me. However, both in Windows and in XnView I have all kinds of file types, videos, images, movies, etc. and they are ALL still working fine, even though this program has other extensions it's doing whatever to, I didn't remove them from the list, though maybe it's not cause they are working so the program knows NOT to "fix" them?

Anyway, hope you enjoy...

P.S. I found about this program through this video:
He's on Windows 7 I think it was and had an issue getting the program to work right, but he had a fix in the video, so this info could potentially apply to you. Me, the program worked out of the box without issues on my Windows 10.


BTW, I would like to point out I found this because XnView MP wasn't displaying SWF Thumbnails, though it would play the SWF which is great. So, went hunting for a fix, found this. :)

Also, I found this to fix PSD's from also not showing Thumbnails within Windows Explorer. If I remember right they DID show in XnView? (I forget now) It's the most simple image viewer ever, which you don't have to use, so it doesn't hurt anything to install it, it's the ability to display PSD's we want, everything else out there, DLL's, etc. wouldn't work. I wasn't going to use SageThumbs, cause the last time I used it it messed up my system.

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