Batch Convert: Find Photos without color profile

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Batch Convert: Find Photos without color profile

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XnView MP MacOSX 0.96.4 Libformat 7.42 on MacBook Pro 2019 with Mojave (10.14.6)
I want to find all photos without a color profile and give them a color profile.
I use an iPhone to take lots of photos eg. 500-1000 per month.
Also there is WhatsApp on the phone, and relatives send me pics (about 10-50 per month). But all photos out of WhatsApp do not have a color profile.
When the photos get transferred to the computer, where I use Lightroom 6, they are all mixed up.
In Lightroom 6 all photos without color profile cannot be displayed or changed.
I need an easy way to find the photos and give them a color profile.
How did I do that so far?
Right now I use the batch convert in XnView.
First I start out with all pics from the month. Then I start excluding pics with names I know they are NOT from WhatsApp (e.g. IMG_....) and so on, until I (nearly) have only the pics from WhatsApp in the Input. As only Action I choose ICC convert with Output profile "sRGB". The Output is directed to change the photos in place.
After this procedure Lightroom shows all the photos.
Desired Improvement:
Automatically find all photos without color profile in a folder (and all subfolders).
In the Actions for ICC convert there is an "Input profile". Does that mean only photos with this Input profile are subject to this action?
If so: is it possible to allow the value "(none)" which only applies to photos without a color profile?
Or is there any other way to accomplish this task automatically? I am not an expert in XnView....
Thank you for all hints!
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