Batch Adding IPTC Date/Time Taken ??? I Figured it out !

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Batch Adding IPTC Date/Time Taken ??? I Figured it out !

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I have many many jpeg images with meticulously created IPTC data, but without the IPTC Date/Time Taken.

If I select a group of these images and open the IPTC editor, under the Date/Time tab, and choose Exif Date/Time Taken and then "Write to All Files", it replaces all of my meticulously created data in all fields with whatever data is in the very first file in the group.

Is there a way to batch edit one field while retaining each individual images information in all the other fields ?

It is taking forever to do this one by one.

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

>>> On EDIT: I may have answered my own question.
I went into Options and checked "Replace Only if original value is empty"
I took a chance, first with only a few files, and then more, and then a whole folder full, and this option seems to leave the original information intact while adding the Date/Time field.

I thought about just deleting the post; but, I figured others may have the same question and leaving it may be of benefit.
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