Can i merge two categories ?

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Can i merge two categories ?

Post by bfchris »

I already created several categories; how I would like to merge two categories into one (so that all files from both categories now belong just to the new category).
Can I do that (and if so, how ?)
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Re: Can i merge two categories ?

Post by Rick »

Get the category view showing then right click and "merge with" whatever you want
A longer way would be to call all the files assigned to the category you want to delete then add the new category to all the files then delet the original category
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Re: Can i merge two categories ?

Post by Gwenael Q. »


I tried many times in the past but seems to me that "Merge" is not doing what it is supposed to do...

My understanting of such a command would be that merging a category in another would result in :

1- images assigned to source category would be assigned to target category
2- all subcategories would be moved from source to target
3- source category would be deleted

1 : happens but no updates in the displays and they are not so easy to refresh (need more testing)
2 : don't seem to happen
3 : nevers happens,

Am I wrong ? How other users use this feature ?

XnviewMP 0.97.0 x64 (win 8.1 x64)

Thank you for listening
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