Ctrl+Alt+L (Automatic levels shortcut) locks screen on Linux

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Ctrl+Alt+L (Automatic levels shortcut) locks screen on Linux

Post by tomilipin »

I just wanted to let you all know that Ctrl+Alt+L is a default keyboard shortcut for locking screen on most popular Linux distros. It does work in XnView MP but as soon as you release the keys, the screen gets locked, so you have to type your password to unlock it and continue using XnView.

Surely, you can change this shortcut in XnView MP settings, but if you're used to using it, you'll have to follow the following solution.

Since it's impossible to delete this shortcut in system settings, it obviously must be changed to something else. I found out that the safest key combination would be Ctrl+Windows+Alt+L. The 'windows key' displays as 'Super'. I reckon most computer programs basically ignore 4-key combinations and the 'Windows key' is mostly ignored by third-party software on Linux, but the OS itself recognizes it and locks screen correctly when Ctrl+Windows+Alt+L is pressed.

Hope this helps some Linux users :)