XnView crashes upon first loading

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XnView crashes upon first loading

Post by edmark »

I just downloaded the latest version for Mac. When I start it up it says:

XnViewMP will upgrade the catalog. It may take a while.

Do you want to keep the thumbnails?
(If you choose YES, the upgrade process will be slow)

And regardless of the answer I give I get an error dialog stating " XnViewMP - There is a problem to update catalog (Error: 13), please contact the developer." And then when I hit "ok" it quits.

Any idea how I can fix this?

I have used XnView before (several years ago) and have both a Mac and PC version on my Macbook. I wonder if that's causing the problem.
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Re: XnView crashes upon first loading

Post by xnview »

you had a very old version of XnView MP?
you can try to delete .xnviewmp/xnview.db