"Preview" is blank Using Category Filter

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"Preview" is blank Using Category Filter

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Hi guys, I'm a bit of a newbie to the forum. Been using xnviewMP for a few months. I am reasonably familiar with the program, including the importance and location/settings of the database files ( .db file, Thumbnails file and the "Other" files).

I have approximately 30 Folders of photos. I have gone through each folder and "tagged" them using a list of Categories I created. Ex: "Bird", "Dog" etc. That way, of course, I can simply click "Dog" in the Categories filter on the left, and Viola: All the thumbnail photos of Dogs show up. THEN, if I choose to, I can click one of the Dog thumbnail images and that Dog image will appear in the preview window.

Everything has been fine until the other day. Now, when I open xnviewMP, something different happens.

1) If I simply choose a folder of images (no Categories filter) the thumbnails appear. And if I select one of the thumbnails, it appears in the Preview window as normal.

2) HOWEVER, if I apply a category filter (like the Dog example) and click one of the thumbnails, the Preview window is BLANK.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?? I would be forever in your debt! Thank you!

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Re: "Preview" is blank Using Category Filter

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so it seems that original pathname doesn't exists anymore, you have not renamed the path?