Mac: How do I view photos stored in iCloud

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Mac: How do I view photos stored in iCloud

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I've just installed XmView on my iMac running Monterey and started exploring it. I also have it installed on my Window 10 system and it is working alright (but with some iCloud issues) and I'm pretty familiar with the basics. On the iMac when I browse in the navigation pane I see the Home > Pictures > Photos Library.photoslibrary. It is my understanding that iCloud stores the photos on the Mac in the Photo Library. In Mac Photos I see the images that are in iCloud. I exported a couple and saved them in a folder under Pictures. XnView displays those just fine.

What do I do so that I can see the iCloud based photos (and all images stored in a Photos Library) in XnView? Do I need to export the photos from the library? I haven't been able to find any info on this.

Thank in advance for any insight.
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Re: How do I view photos stored in iCloud

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XnView can only browse files on your disk, are you able to browse the iCloud's folder?