Date Taken vs Date Created

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Date Taken vs Date Created

Post by dangerruss »

Short story... I lost a bunch of picture files due to a hard drive crash. I downloaded the picture files that I was missing from Shutterfly. Shutterfly changed the Date Created during the download process.

Date Taken is correct. Date Created is not correct. Is there an easy way like a batch file that with change the Date Created to match the Date Taken?

This would save me a lot of time than individually modifying each picture...

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Re: Date Taken vs Date Created

Post by XnTriq »

Hi Russell (-:
  1. Select the files in question in XnView's browser.
  2. Go to ToolsChange timestamp….
  3. Select EXIF: Date taken in the drop-down menu of the Use section.
  4. Tick the checkbox for File: Created date in the Change section.
  5. Click on the Write button.
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Re: Date Taken vs Date Created

Post by michel038 »

The "file created date" is not very strong.
When you move the files, for a copy or a backup, the system will change again the creation date.
The "file modified date" is more stable but some softwares can modify this date also.
(In XnViewMp, see : Settings > General > File operations > ...the three bottom checkboxes )

So, I use only exif dates, which are only changed when you voluntarily modify them ...