XnViewMP versions coexists

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XnViewMP versions coexists

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Hello Team,
We are testing the latest version of XnViewMP - (https://download.xnview.com/old_version ... in-x64.exe) downloaded from https://download.xnview.com/old_versions/XnView_MP/

Installed 1.5.5 and on top of it installed 1.6.3 - It Co-exists.

But while installing 1.5.5 on top of 1.4.5 - It Upgraded.

Tested with all Minor version 6 - 1.6.0, 1.6.1,1.6.2 and 1.6.3 - All upgraded.
From Minor version (1.6.0) - There are few changes - Name, Publisher, Shortcut name etc.,
Is this change will be followed for upcoming versions?

Could you please look into it?

Thank you.
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Re: XnViewMP versions coexists

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Yes, there was a change in app name/version