Can't access iCloud Drive and Documents contents

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Can't access iCloud Drive and Documents contents

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Hi there, I can't fully access iCloud Drive or Documents content in XnView MP on my Mac.

1. All iCloud Drive files are downloaded locally onto the Mac and fully available in Finder
2. Documents folder is in iCloud

So first problem is all my files on iCloud Drive. I have been able to partially access this via the main browser on XnViewMP by viewing hidden files and adding the ~/Library/Mobile Documents/ to Favourites but when I hide "hidden files/folders" which I want to do for safety reasons, it disappears.

however, even when unhidden I need to move a pile of photos around and this is not possible with the Move To option as when I do that, I can't get access to the favourites folder at all.

Second problem, which I hoped would solve this, is to use the Documents folder which is synced to iCloud. In finder I have two test folders in there. They appear everywhere else, including my iPhone or iPad, but whilst XnViewMP shows the Documents folder, it is empty.

What is annoying is that if I right click "Explorer" against Documents in XnViewMP, it opens Finder and the iCloud Documents Folder there which of course shows the folders and files inside. So it seems to me that XnViewMP has a bug?
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Re: Can't access iCloud Drive and Documents contents

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when you disable "show hidden files/folders", your favorite "~/Library/Mobile Documents/" disappears from favorites view?